The manifesto attempts to show the big picture of sustainability. It can be understood as a recommendation for designers. It is not about specific approaches but rather fundamental ones.

Think systemic
Designers are trained to think systemically - considering scientific and non-scientific factors. Through inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration, different perspectives can be adopted. Let‘s start looking at sustainability as a system!

Act on different levels!
Sustainability can only be achieved by working together. Don‘t think and act „simply“ as a designer but try to increase your impact. Look for the dialogue and cooperate with technologists, economists, politicians and activists, scientists, journalists...

think in business models not in products!
Without a working, sustainable and long-term business model, even the „best“ product can become valueless. Sustainability takes place on different levels, the business model and the product are two of them.

Keep on running!
Real sustainability is not a sprint but rather a marathon. Sustainability requires long-term thinking and preferably future-oriented planning. Designers are able to create and communicate visions and scenarios of desirable futures.

Take a stand!
Sustainability is also a question of attitude and values. A clear positioning can increase the quality of one‘s own work and the effects of personal activity. Design currently has the opportunity to become more political again - so let us take the chance!

how to apply this manifest?