Sustainable Design Process

AI aided Design is the attempt to design more sustainable products using machine learning. The system aims to support designers in their processes by generating and creating sustainable solutions.

01 Intro
The Sustainable Design Process is based on the user-centred design process "Double Diamond". It can be seen as an update, in which the main focus shifts. Most modern design processes are fully user-centered. The Sustainable Design Process, on the other hand, is a process in which the focus on the user is softened and ecological sustainability becomes the focus of the design.

02 Defining requirements
In the first part of the process, known as research, political, economic, social, technological, legal and especially environmental aspects are observed. The identified and defined user needs build the basic requirements for the product or service. In the following, these requirements are evaluated for sustainability criteria.This ensures that the concepts and solutions are both sustainable and user-centric.

03 User centered as a foundation!
The focus on sustainability must not mean that users can be ignored. User-centred design is the fundamental requirement. If a product is not user-centred, it will not be used or only used for a short period of time, which is not environmentally friendly. Usability can be improved in later stages of the process, especially through user testing.

04 Sustainability right from the start!
Especially in the early stages of the process, ecological sustainability needs to be at the centre of attention. Research should not be limited to sustainability - instead, a mindset of sustainable thinking should be adopted. An open approach and interdisciplinary collaborations are beneficial to this process.

05 Business AS A FRAMEWORK
Once the requirements have been defined, concepts are developed, just as is the common "Double Diamond". The concepts are always based on a sustainable business model. Without an (economically) viable business model, even the most sustainable product becomes waste. The business model must therefore be checked in terms of sustainability. Approaches to sustainable business models can be found, for example, within sharing economy. (see manifesto)

06 Focusing on products
The concept "AI aided design" focuses on the design of products. The other aspects of sustainability described here in the process are not further considered. The "Sustainable Design Process" and the "Sustainable Design Manifesto for Designers" are intended to make it clear that sustainability is a complex problem that can be treated on various levels.

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